Minister: Rev. Clare L. Petersberger
A Welcoming Congregation

TUUC Committees

Aesthetics Committee

Proposes physical gifts to the Church and suggestions for purchases by committees or/and individuals are to be submitted to the Operations Team who will convene this committee, comprised of the Chairs of Gallery Unicorn, Grounds, House, and Special Gifts.

Auction Committee

Provides supplemental, non-budgeted funds for the Church by means of an auction of donated services, social activities and goods in a setting to promote fellowship and unity. The Auction is held in mid November each year. Work begins in May and ends in mid December.

Audio Committee

Develops, maintains, and operates the sound enhancing & recording systems during services and at other events. Proposes & requests purchase of needed equipment.

Book Nook Committee

Provides books and book related services to the members and friends of TUUC. Offers the congregation enjoyable and relevant literature at bargain prices, including books donated by TUUCers. Open most Sunday mornings, the Nook donates ‘profits’ to TUUC.

Caring Committee

The TUUC Caring Ministry supports the minister to identify those in need of special care and works to link those in need with the helping hands and loving hearts of the TUUC community. A few of the ways we can help arrange support include: organizing a meal or meals during times of illness, hospitalization or recovery; grocery shopping; transportation for appointments; sending cards; visits at home, in nursing homes, or hospitals. Our goal is to create a community where people feel safe to ask for the help they need. To learn more, arrange for help, or join the Caring Ministry: notify Rev. Clare Petersberger, call the church office (410-825-6045) and leave a message for the Caring Ministry, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Communications Committee

Manages the church website, social media, Fellowship One, weekly and monthly newsletters, another online communications.

Decorations Committee

Insures that candle lighting equipment is available for all Sunday services and that decorations in the meeting room are appropriate for Sunday services.

Denominational Relations Committee

Serves as liaison from/to the congregation & the UU parent and affiliate organizations. Informs the members of denominational activities. Encourages participation in inter church activities. Publicizes denominational activities, recruits delegates to attend meetings, and promotes fund-raising activities in support of affiliated associations.

Endowment Board

Acts as investment manager for the endowment funds. Receives and solicits contributions to the endowment fund from individuals and estates to be invested appropriately for the long term benefit of the Church.

Finance Committee

Reviews policies for handling money in the church and assures that best financial practices are followed. Committee includes the Treasurer, Finance Council, Stewardship Chair, and other interested individuals.

Gallery Unicorn Committee

Sets up exhibits of artistic renditions which may please most of the Members, enhance the interior of the Church, offer selected artists an opportunity for display, and bring outside visitors to the Church. Schedules each artist’s exhibit and aids in promotion. Contributes profits to the Church.

Green Sanctuary Committee

Improves the efficiency and health of the TUUC building and grounds, including waste minimization efforts, policies to promote consideration of environmental impacts in purchasing decisions, and initiatives to improve the habitat quality and decrease runoff on the property.

House and Grounds Committee

Sees that the building and furnishings are maintained and secure. Identifies needed improvements and makes recommendations to the Operations Team. Coordinates with other committees and the Office to assure proper use. Determines needs for and organizes work parties.

Sees that grounds and parking surface are maintained. Develops long/short term landscape plan. Develops plan for general grounds maintenance including leaf removal. Schedules work parties as needed. Monitors snow and trash removal.

Lay Worship Committee

Assists the Minister with the nature and meaning of worship thus formulating objectives for the services with special reference to the values and qualities they convey. Plans and conducts Sunday morning services once a month during the regular church year and creates a full program during the summer. On these Sundays, the committee members are responsible for coordinating all facets of the program.

Memorial Garden Committee

Maintains the gardern area designated to remembering those who have passed away.

Music Committee

Provides oversight of the musical aspects of the Sunday services and other special programs in order to ensure that the musical needs of the Minister and the congregation are met. Consults with and supports the Music Director.

Personnel Committee

Acts as a liaison for the Board with the paid staff of the church. Advocates fair and equitable salaries, benefits and employment practices for Church staff and advises Church management on personnel matters.

Social Action Committee

Focuses the attention of the congregation on local, national and/or international social issues. Provides social action activities/opportunities. Creates a calendar of social action events. Raises funds for selected causes.

Stewardship Committee

Plans, organizes, and conducts a canvass of all members and friends to secure pledges of financial support for the operation of the Church.

Youth Religious Exploration Committee

Sets forth and implements the philosophy of religious education for the youth of our church from Nursery through Grade 12, supporting our children in their development of a personal faith through study of both Judeo-Christian roots and UU heritage. Sets the educational program for youth religious education. Sets policy on enrollment, discipline, parent participation, class structure, etc. For more information, see the YRE Page.